Viral horror hit The Backrooms set to become A24 feature

Horror can be as simple as an empty room; we’ve learned all about it in The Backrooms.

The viral short horror stories have taken over the internet, everywhere from 4chan to kid-friendly games like Roblox, and will soon head to the cinemas in a new film from A24 and producer James Wan. 

The Backrooms began as a YouTube series from teen filmmaker Kane Parsons and focused on “liminal spaces.” The horror of liminal spaces stems from images that display typically bustling places – office buildings, malls, schools, homes – in their most desolate states, uncharacteristically empty and isolated to the point of being unsettling.

Parsons will helm the project with a script from Roberto Patino (DMZ), who is attached to write the screenplay and produce.

The press releases note the young age of the filmmaker and put respect on the wild world he’s created: “Kane Parsons is a 17-year-old director and VFX artist. His viral found footage YouTube series The Backrooms has amassed nearly 100 million views. Parsons will direct the film over his Summer vacation.”

You can find Kane Parsons’ original horror short below…


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