Ultimate Evil Movie Villains from the 1980s

Marvelous Studios presents 80s movie villains who were deliciously evil…


Man, what was it about the 80s that made their action genre so damn good? This was an era that somehow knew where to draw the line between B-movie thrills and A-list production value. The writers, directors, and producers were all aware of the core traits of enjoyability, yet were also capable of balancing it against the allure of exploitation.

Villains helped secure that balance- you couldn’t make your antagonist too cheesy because then no one would take them seriously, but you also couldn’t make them too dramatic lest you got lost in philosophical drivel.

Well, there were a lot to choose from, but ten made Marvelous Videos’ cut of ultimate 80s movie villains to check out courtesy of 80s cult classics Bloodsport, Conan the Barbarian, Rocky IV, Hellraiser, Mad Max 2, RoboCop, Commando, Big Trouble in Little China and Highlander…

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