Trailer for monster movie Mega Ape starring Bai Ling and Tom Sizemore

Wild Eye Releasing has shared a trailer, poster and images for the upcoming creature feature Mega Ape.

Directed by Dustin Ferguson (Apex Predators), the film sees a genetically engineered ape embark on a destructive rampage through Hollywood after it is unknowingly released by animal rights activists from a secret research facility. Watch the trailer below…

A team of animal rights activists unknowingly release a genetically engineered ape from a top secret research facility, who soon grows to enormous size and embarks on a rampage of total destruction in Hollywood.

Featuring in the cast of Mega Ape are Jonathan Nation, Bai Ling, Mel Novak, Tom Sizemore, Vida Ghaffari, Erik Anthony Russo, and Traci Burr.

Mega Ape arrives on DVD and digital on September 12th.


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