The Story Behind Clive Barker’s Phallic Monster

Marvelous Videos presents an introspective look at Rawhead Rex…


Creature features are a dime a dozen: we get so many of them that, honestly, the only way to stand apart from the crowd is to create a monster with a unique design.

Given the myriad of mythological and scary beings that have come out of cinema in the decades since the original King Kong, you can imagine the struggle. Flesh, scales, fur, blood-red eyes, towering physiques, large appendages, aquatic aspects, it’s literally all been there done that.

So, when Clive Barker of Hellraiser and Candyman fame decided to take a shot at the genre, he chose to combine Gaelic mythology with a phallic design. The result was Rawhead Rex. For a full idea of what was going on behind-the-scenes, check out Marvelous Videos’ video here…

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Red Stewart


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