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The Asylum mockbuster Planet Dune gets a trailer and poster

The Asylum has revealed a poster and trailer for its latest mockbuster Planet Dune which follows a crew on a rescue mission as they find themselves hunted by giant sand worms on a desert planet; check them out here…


A crew on a mission to rescue a marooned base on a desert planet turns deadly when the crew finds themselves hunted and attacked by the planet’s apex predators: giant sand worms.

Planet Dune is set for release on October 29th and features a cast that includes Sean Young, Emily Killian, Tammy Klein, Sienna Farall, Clark Moore, Sharon Desiree, Ramiro Leal, Anna Telfer, Grant Terzakis, No Smead, Cherish Holland, Manny Zaldivar, Anton Kas, Ashley Reign, Christopher William Johnson and Scot Derwingson-Peacock.


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