Every Fast & Furious Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Shaun Munro ranks and reviews all ten Fast and Furious movies from worst to best… There isn’t a person living today who watched Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious back in 2001 and could’ve foreseen the places – the cars, the casts, the budgets, and the literal places – it would go. Despite some struggles in … Read more

Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone could be “the best movie he has ever made”, says Jason Blum

Jason Blum has claimed that the upcoming Blumhouse and Universal project The Black Phone, which is an adaptation of the horror short story by Joe Hill from director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Doctor Strange), could be Derrickson’s best movie so far. “Is definitely one of the creepiest movies we’ve ever done. Scott thinks it is his best movie. … Read more

Ranking The Entire Halloween Franchise From Worst To Best

Shaun Munro ranks the Halloween franchise from worst to best… In the vein of just about every popular, decades-old horror movie franchise, the eleven-film Halloween series is a rollercoaster ride of good, bad and very, very weird. There’s the classic original of course, the increasingly silly and inane run of sequels, the desperate attempt to reinvigorate … Read more