Nightwing director Chris McKay opens up about his plans for the DC movie and Batman’s involvement

The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay has been attached to a Nightwing movie for several years now, but in the ever-shifting landscape of the DC universe, the project has found itself stuck in creative limbo. Now, during an interview with The Bear Cave, McKay finally opened up about the project and gave some fascinating … Read more

Exclusive Interview – Harry Macqueen opens up about working with Stanley Tucci & Colin Firth on Supernova

EJ Moreno speaks with director Harry Macqueen about his film Supernova‚Ķ Supernova director Harry Macqueen has had a long journey with the film, with its pandemic-era release and awards season run. But just days before its UK release, Macqueen sat down with me to discuss the film and its impact, while he also dishes on … Read more