Quentin By Tarantino graphic novel announced by Titan

Coinciding with the filmmaker’s 60th birthday this week, Titan Comics has announced the October release of Quentin By Tarantino, a new graphic novel from creator Améziane Amazing which promises to transport readers into the crazy world of Quentin Tarantino, exploring the many twists and turns of his groundbreaking career.

“Quentin Tarantino is arguably the last great celebrity director, a creator who’s almost as recognisable as the hugely influential and iconic pop-culture moments that he’s brought to movie screens over the past four decades,” said Titan’s Head of Creative & Business Development, Duncan Baizley. “His movies are love letters to the genres, directors and stars, as well as the books and comics he grew up with. So, it seemed perfect that writer, artist and Tarantino aficionado, Amazing Améziane, should be the one to capture this singular career’s stylistic shifts and evolution almost as QT himself would probably shoot it – with flair, wit and some damn unforgettable dialogue. I think Quentin would approve.”

QUENTIN BY TARANTINO tells the story behind Tarantino, from his humble beginnings in a video store, to crafting his indie blockbusters of the ‘90s which started a revolution in cinema and catapulted the fearless young director to international stardom. From his first two iconic feature films Reservoir Dogs (1992), and the Palme d’Or-winning Pulp Fiction (1994), all the way up to the release of his acclaimed ninth feature film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019), this graphic novel charts his meteoric rise to fame.

Quentin By Tarantino will go on sale on October 17th 2023.


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