Prison is hellish in trailer for horror Hell’s Half Acre

Ahead of its digital release later this month, a trailer, poster and images have arrived online for director John Patrick Tomasek’s upcoming horror Hell’s Half Acre.

The film follows a group of young urban explorers as they discover that the abandoned Rockland Heights Prison they set out to explore for their YouTube channel harbors dangerous demonic entities.


Hell’s Half Acre follows Marcus as he leads his group of young urban explorers Jessie, Dan, Jose, and Cassie to abandoned locations for their popular YouTube channel Strange and Abandoned Places with the goal of gaining ratings and paid sponsors.

They quickly discover that the abandoned Rockland Heights Prison is unlike any other location they’ve ever been to before as strange things begin to occur almost immediately after their arrival. They discover they’re not alone as it becomes a fight for their survival against terrifying and dangerous paranormal demonic entities.

Featuring in the cast of Hell’s Half Acre are Quinn Nehr, Brynn Beveridge, Omar Vegga Jr., and James M. Fuller.

Hell’s Half Acre arrives on digital on April 28th.


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