Nicolas Cage channels Bela Lugosi’s Dracula in Renfield promo

Nicolas Cage is set to sink his teeth into one of the most iconic roles of all time next month as he dons the cape and fangs of Count Dracula for Universal’s horror-comedy Renfield, and a new promo has made its way online which sees Cage and co-star Nicholas Hoult channelling Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and Dwight Frye’s Renfield from the 1931 Universal Monsters classic Dracula. Check it out below along with two more TV spots…

In this modern monster tale of Dracula’s loyal servant, Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men franchise) stars as Renfield, the tortured aide to history’s most narcissistic boss, Dracula (Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage). Renfield is forced to procure his master’s prey and do his every bidding, no matter how debased. But now, after centuries of servitude, Renfield is ready to see if there’s a life outside the shadow of The Prince of Darkness. If only he can figure out how to end his codependency.

Renfield swoops into cinemas on April 14th, 2023 and sees Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult starring alongside Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, and Adrian Martinez.


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