Natalie Portman says she’s always open to tackling more Star Wars

Is Natalie Portman returning to Star Wars? Not yet, but the actress is now openly admitting she wants to return.

Speaking to GQ in a recent YouTube video, Portman was asked by a fan if she was coming back to the Star Wars franchise. Portman previously starred in all three of George Lucas’ prequel films. For reference, it has been 18 years since her last appearance in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

“I have no information on this,” Portman tells GQ Magazine. “No one’s ever asked me to return, but I’m open to it.”

Her stint with Star Wars feels like so long ago, and Portman has grown so much as an actress that she even jokes her Thor: Love and Thunder filmmaker Taika Waititi forgot she was even in the franchise.

She tells the outlet, “He says he did [forget] because he like asked me if I wanted to be in a Star Wars movie, and I was like, ‘I was.’ I thought he was joking.” She adds, “He’s such a joker that I thought it was a joke. And then afterward, he said in some interview that he was like cringing afterward.”

Check out the full GQ interview below…

While Star Wars isn’t on her docket, we’ll see Natalie Portman in May December, the new Todd Haynes film heading to Netflix later this year.


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