Murdercise trailer teases the deadliest aerobics video ever made

With its premiere set for July 8th, filmmakers Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba have released the trailer for their crowdfunded horror-comedy Murdercise; check it out below along with the poster and official synopsis…

Competition turns to murder, when a Ronald Reagan loving, fitness nerd, Phoebe (Kansas Bowling), clashes with the b-movie bimbo cover girl, Candy (Jessa Flux), on the set of a low budget workout video. After being pushed over the edge by Candy and a cast of perverts, strippers and communists, Phoebe meets Isabella (Nina Lanee Kent), a mafia princess wild child who teaches Phoebe how to fight back! A night of sex, drugs and aerobics, turns into a fight between life and death!

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