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Movie Review – The Midnight Sky (2020)

The Midnight Sky, 2020.

Directed by George Clooney.
Starring George Clooney, Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler, Demián Bichir, David Oyelowo, Tiffany Boone, Caoilinn Springall, Sophie Rundle, and Ethan Peck.



A lone scientist within the Arctic races to contact a crew of astronauts returning dwelling to a mysterious international disaster.


These hoping that Netflix have been set to wrap up 2020 by throwing yet one more awards-chasing hat into the ring could also be left just a little deflated by George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky, an enticingly shiny and respectably bold sci-fi thriller that nonetheless looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a number of items too many.

Clooney pulls multi-hyphenate obligation as director-producer-star on this adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel Good Morning, Midnight, the place he performs grizzle-faced, cancer-ridden scientist Augustine Lofthouse, who ekes out the solitary the rest of his life at an deserted Arctic observatory.

The yr is 2049, and a nondescript international calamity has rendered Earth nearly extinct, although Augustine quickly finds himself joined by a younger, largely nonverbal lady, Iris (Caoilinn Springall), who has stowed away on the observatory.

When Augustine learns {that a} NASA spaceship, the Aether, is imminently on account of return to Earth from Jupiter, he makes an attempt to warn Commander Gordon Adewole (David Oyelowo) and his pregnant accomplice Sully (Felicity Jones) in opposition to revisiting their uninhabitable dwelling planet.


It’s a killer idea, and to Clooney’s absolute credit score he acquits himself effectively right here the place filmmaking plaudits are involved. The primary reel specifically is an appealingly chilly slow-burn, centered on a sluggish, fed up Augustine dragging himself across the observatory and slowly revealing cracks in his armour per his interactions with Iris.

Early comparisons to The Highway are inevitable and earned, and for a time it looks like Clooney could effectively have delivered a very daring $100 million film; a high-concept, small-scale sci-fi survival thriller.

However “human curiosity” sadly rears its head when the story detours to concentrate on the Aether’s crew who, regardless of counting characters performed by adorned actors comparable to Oyelowo, Jones, Demián Bichir, and Kyle Chandler, not often graduate past mere plot-motivating props.

Every of the crew members has their very own generically melodramatic impetus for both returning to Earth or avoiding it completely, and the script from Mark L. Smith (The Revenant, The Hitman’s Bodyguard) largely lets this move for character improvement. But we get solely slatted glimpses of who the Aether’s crew actually are as human beings, past neon-signposted touchstones that really feel recommended by studio notes (although, this being Netflix, that’s less-likely).


And so, the majority of the latter two acts pinball the viewers relentlessly between these dramatic halves, Augustine’s damaged down grump proving a lot extra attention-grabbing than these he’s truly charged with saving.

Although the results of this lopsided dramatic presentation is a 122-minute runtime which often exams the endurance, the sheer majesty and confidence of Clooney’s course does guarantee The Midnight Sky stays usually attention-grabbing sufficient.

If Clooney has largely steered away from effects-heavy fare as a filmmaker, right here he lavishes in it and proves himself fairly adept at juggling the toils of a large-scale manufacturing. The visuals, from the luscious, plausibly futuristic manufacturing design from common Clooney collab Jim Bissell to the superlative visible results and Martin Ruhe’s (The American) sharp cinematography, mix to make sure virtually each scene pops with aesthetic intrigue.

However the glue holding these parts collectively isn’t a lot Clooney the filmmaker however Clooney the actor, who clearly relishes the chance to “ugly” himself up and play a battered hunk of human meat. It’s a task he’s excellent for, particularly at this stage in his life – just a little extra wrinkled, but nonetheless enviably varnished – and although it’s a disgrace he isn’t the extra singular focus, with out him the extra contrived emotional facets wouldn’t work almost so effectively.


Clooney’s co-conspirator on this regard is Alexandre Desplat, who delivers certainly one of his finest scores of current years, and one which might actually web him an Academy Award nomination. It’s an unapologetically snotty-nosed, heart-swelling rating which completely compliments the movie’s emotional beats, even when the bones of Smith’s script don’t all the time allow them to land. In the meantime within the extra viscerally fraught sequences, Desplat’s operatic rating elevates the comparatively boilerplate motion shenanigans.

What could finally disappoint some is the payoff to Augustine’s story, which is hinged on a dramatic ploy many will discover excessively convoluted – and plenty of extra could discover merely predictable. A syrupy ultimate sting within the dramatic tail underlines that Clooney hasn’t fairly discovered a strategy to marry the bleaker survival narrative of the primary act with a extra macro-scale story of protectorship that neither sticks nor earns its touchdown.

Once more, Clooney will get an A-for-effort as each director and actor, and the ensemble forged does the most effective with the fabric they’ve – particularly Jones and Oyelowo – however the dwelling stretch is immodest sufficient to really feel prefer it was an off-cut from a wholly completely different film. Nonetheless, when you’re in a position to settle for its patent unevenness, there’s a largely attention-grabbing style jaunt to be loved right here, albeit not the home-run many have been likely hoping for because the cinematic calendar attracts to a detailed.

George Clooney’s first foray into big-budget style fare is simply profitable sufficient to beat its quite a few dramatic shortcomings – largely on account of his spectacular two-hander as filmmaker-star.

Flickering Delusion Score – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Film: ★ ★ ★

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