Movie Review – My Psychedelic Love Story (2020)

My Psychedelic Love Story, 2020.

Directed by Errol Morris.



Counterculture prophet, LSD advocate and ideological revolutionary Timothy Leary made his mark. This documentary seems again at his contribution to a defining period in American life by the eyes of Joanna Harcourt Smith.


This documentary would possibly give attention to Timothy Leary the medical psychologist, Harvard professor and LSD proponent but goals past that fundamental premise. It looks like an espionage thriller narrated by the final lady left standing amongst the remnants left behind. Nevertheless, whether or not Joanna Harcourt Smith was Leary’s life accomplice, an orchestrated CIA plant or an ingenious ingénue provocateur relies upon upon your standpoint.

Pieced collectively by Oscar successful documentarian Errol Morris, this fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of America’s counterculture is riveting. Instructed by interviews with Joanna Harcourt Smith after which mixed alongside audio recordings achieved throughout Timothy Leary’s incarceration, My Psychedelic Love Story proves fascinating.

Relating every little thing from Presidential politics underneath Richard Nixon by to encounters with The Rolling Stones, that is as a lot a snapshot of cultural change as anything. By dwelling motion pictures, private pictures and an ever eloquent ingénue in residence it paperwork a jet set way of life full of threat and creativeness. As a central narrator Joanna Harcourt Smith might not be wholly dependable, but her tales by no means veer into outlandish territory.


Whether or not hiding out in Switzerland or being kidnapped by FBI brokers for deportation again to America, every little thing is informed with finesse and embellished with eloquence. A father in worldwide finance and tales about acid induced affairs sit aspect by aspect with none obvious showboating. Copious quantities of coupling, consensual drug taking and veiled molestation additionally play their half and that solely simply scratches the floor. In the meantime as worldwide outlaw lovers they took in Beirut, stopped off in Afghanistan and encountered Anita Pallenberg in addition to Keith Richards. To a sure diploma Errol Morris builds a story of such wanton consumption each bodily and in any other case, that it begs the query how Timothy Leary’s life accomplice made it this far.

Strikingly enticing in youth, devastating to behold in center age and knowingly coquettish even now, she sits all through exuding satisfaction. Occasional tears are shed for Leary, his misplaced potential and those that questioned her motives contemplating their age hole. Nevertheless, in the principle My Psychedelic Love Story opens this period up like a e book and invitations audiences to dive in.

Self-awareness is rarely inspired no matter period, whereas acid dipped ideological theorists like Timothy Leary will all the time come unstuck. Outspoken progressives and extra importantly free thinkers have all the time fearful these with affect. Large enterprise leaders, company board members and folks in political workplace really feel threatened by the conflict of mind with individualism. This stuff have the facility to compromise the established order, liberate these not born into cash and finally instigate change. For that cause something which goes to encourage, invent and unlock potential in others wants locking up.


What Errol Morris does by shining a lightweight on America’s most notorious political prisoner is spotlight these points by the prism of a counterculture icon. That this love story between Timothy Leary and Joanna Harcourt Smith performs out extra like the unique Thomas Crown Affair is tutorial. Revelatory, subtly substantial and never with out real moments of awe, it stands alongside R.J. Cutler’s Belushi as one other dwelling run for the Showtime community.

Flickering Fantasy Score – Movie: ★ ★ ★ ★ / Film: ★ ★ ★ ★

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