Movie Review – Breeder (2020)

Breeder, 2020.

Directed by Jens Dahl.
Starring Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Anders Heinrichsen, Morten Holst, Jens Andersen, Signe Egholm Olsen, and Eeva Putro.



A ruthless businesswoman kidnaps ladies and performs experiments on them so as to make paying male clients youthful.


Danish film Breeder is a love story the place Mia (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) and her husband Thomas (Anders Heinrichsen) are struggling to come back to phrases with not having little one. Mia is determined for a child, Thomas is chilly and distant, seemingly unwilling to decide to elevating a brand new life in his snug environment the place the little blighter would need for nothing. Ah, what are the glad younger couple to do?

Alright, that isn’t a strictly correct description of what Breeder is about so don’t go anticipating a rom-com. Mia and Thomas are a married couple with some underlying communication issues in terms of coping with what one another desires out of the connection however that isn’t the main focus right here. The main target is on Mia when she goes to seek out out why Thomas hasn’t taken their neighbour Nika (Eeva Putro ) to the hospital after she was attacked, kidnapped and escaped. The rationale why is as a result of Thomas has taken stated neighbour to see Ruben (Signe Egholm Olsen), his enterprise companion and never a really good woman as she has give you a approach to cease middle-aged males from ageing and even making them look youthful by harvesting human eggs and different undefined stuff that doesn’t actually matter. Anyway, the upshot is that ladies get made pregnant by synthetic insemination after which tortured in the event that they upset The Canine (Morten Holst), one in all Ruben’s sadistic enforcers, and also you’ll by no means guess the place Mia finally ends up…


Sure, Breeder is a throwback to the torture porn motion pictures of the 2000s the place folks – normally ladies – get kidnapped and held prisoner in a rundown warehouse the place no person besides snooping wives go, get crushed inside an inch of their life, finally break away and run away from earlier than being caught, dragged again and crushed some extra. The factor with Breeder is that it was written by a lady, which provides additional dimensions to what’s depicted right here however what Breeder doesn’t fairly do is give us characters with any depth and so the messages that the filmmakers wish to get throughout appear a bit obscure.

Now, torture porn motion pictures with plots and characters weren’t precisely excessive in quantity 15-odd years in the past however there have been a number of; Noticed began out that method earlier than meandering off a bit, Hostel: II had extra occurring than the primary film’s central bromance would have you ever imagine while the likes of Frontier(s) balanced a socio-political commentary with excessive gore and violence just about to perfection however it was 2007s Martyrs that was the style’s crowning glory, forcing the viewer to turn out to be complicit in its extra horrific features. One of many greatest complaints/attracts (relying on the way you view the film) of Martyrs was that the gore got here second to the brutality that the principle character went by way of, leading to harrowing prolonged scenes of a lady being repeatedly punched by an enormous brute of a person. In fact, there are plot causes for it and when you haven’t seen it then do your self a favour and watch it however Breeder appears to take that concept of brutality over bloodshed and runs with it, making for some uncomfortable viewing as The Canine and his sidekick The Swine (Jens Andersen) get their pleasure from whipping, beating and urinating over their captives. Oh sure, this film has loads of bodily fluids leaking in all places and never all of it’s blood; there may be even a pattern pot of semen in a single shot, and that comes after a scene of a lady vomiting so it’s advisable to not put this film on in case you are sitting down in entrance of the tv with meals.


As beforehand said the characters are fairly thinly written – Thomas is shifty from the beginning and clearly as much as one thing, Ruben is stern-faced and has bizarre angular eyebrows so she is clearly a flawed ‘un, The Canine is soiled and speaks quietly till anyone breaks his guidelines (though Morten Holst is clearly adept at taking part in a scumbag as he is superb with what he has to do), and so forth – however Sara Hjort Ditlevsen is a really robust lead as Mia, regardless of a slipshod try by the writers to indicate us that she will take ache with pleasure by means of an odd masturbation scene that doesn’t actually serve any goal, particularly as she clearly doesn’t get any gratification from being crushed in a while within the movie.

Had this been launched in 2006 it will have most likely been swept up amongst the myriad of Hostel knock-offs however watching it now Breeder does stick out amongst the present wave of dreary and mediocre psychological horrors which have taken over the mainstream by daring to be extra violent, extra graphic and providing up one thing for those who like their horror to be a bit extra action-packed and thrilling. Sure, the intent behind it’s a bit messagey however the vague nature of the writing really helps it turn out to be a extra entertaining film by pushing that aspect of issues away from the forefront. It received’t be for everybody however Breeder is properly shot, accommodates a number of robust performances, shows some gloriously nasty torture that will likely be very uncomfortable viewing for some (however that’s horror, people) and there’s a optimistic message to come back out of it on the finish, simply not a clearly outlined one. However, so far as being a horror film designed to shock goes, Breeder succeeds.

Flickering Fable Score – Movie: ★ ★ / Film: ★ ★ ★ ★

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