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Marvelous Movies for Hard Science Fiction Lovers

Marvelous Videos with some movie recommendations for hard sci-fi lovers…


It’s easy to exploit the science fiction genre for its ludicrous narrative potential. After all, as long as you can loosely relate your story concept back to something semi-realistic, you can technically call your motion picture an adherent of the “sci-fi” category.

That being said, though, there have been many professional and amateur filmmakers who have tried to adhere to the laws of modern science. While some things obviously have to be exaggerated for the sake of the narrative, there is enough grounded material here that you could honestly believe the events in question could plausible happen.

As such, here are a list of so-called “hard” sci-fi films that had a noticeable amount of effort put in to ensure scientific accuracy and realism, and as such, are well worth seeking out…

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