Marvelous 80s Anime Gems That Every Fan Must Watch

Marvelous Videos presents ten underrated anime gems from the 1980s…


Back in the day when Blockbuster was still in business, there used to be an entire video section dedicated to Japanimation. That was the neologistic term at the time to describe any animated product coming out of Japan.

These days, we now use the phrase “anime,” but that doesn’t mean there’s a distinct difference between what was being produced beforehand and what is being made now. Anime has always had its ups and downs, but back in the 80s there were a lot of ups. And thanks to the folks at Marvelous Videos, here are 10 gems which are still worth checking out in M.D. Geist, Angel’s Egg, City Hunter, Black Magic M66, Goku Midnight Eye, Black Jack, Golgo 13 – The Professional, Space Adventure Cobra, Robot Carnival and Crying Freeman

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