Luke Bracey and Michiel Huisman star in trailer for crime drama American Dream


Lionsgate has released a trailer for director Janusz Kaminski’s upcoming crime thriller American Dream which stars Luke Bracey and Michiel Huisman as struggling entrepreneurs who find themselves the target of a Russian mobster (Nick Stahl) after they refuse his funding offer; check it out here…

Desperate for cash, entrepreneurs Scott (Luke Bracey, Point Break [2015]) and Nicky (Michiel Huisman, “Game of Thrones”) turn to Russian mobster Yuri (Nick Stahl, Sin City). After they refuse the funding he offers, Yuri gets revenge by trying to take over their construction project. The partners are terrified until Nicky’s tough Russian girlfriend Ana decides to take action herself.


American Dream is set for a DVD, Digital, and On Demand  release on January 12th.


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