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Muslim Jat boy on one hand and Hindu Jat girl on the other. Both fell in love. The girl’s family wants to kill the girl. Even his younger brother, who still looks minor, has blood floating in his eyes. The butcher who was the boy’s father was branded a terrorist. ‘Love Hostel’ is the name of the building in which couples who get married after running away from their family members take shelter under the protection of the police on the orders of the court. The building has been named after a policeman who guarded it. “I don’t know what I am feeling, happy and angry, happy because I found love and angry because my family is gone”, says Jyoti, who came to the ‘Love Hostel’ after running away from home and getting married.


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Vikrant Massey, an Ashu Shokeen of a butcher family, and Billo aka Jyoti Dilawar ie Sanya Malhotra, granddaughter of a stalwart MLA, fall in love. The story of Love Hostel is of Ashu and Jyoti. Ashu is a Muslim. Both get married against the wishes of the family members. But Jyoti’s grandmother is powerful. He doesn’t like it at all. For the sake of police protection, both are sent to a safe home. Many more couples live here. But Dadi entrusts Dagar, a well-known murderer, to eliminate both of them. Dagar is known to put to death those who marry outside the caste fraternity.


The story is more of horror killing than honor killing. Loving couples reach the courts to get married against the wishes of the family members. Both are so madly in love that they run away and reach the court to get married. This thing could not go down in the throat of the MLA grandmother, who cried for the Khap tradition. One, the granddaughter ran away and got married, and that too with a Muslim boy. The family members are summoned from the court. And, till the next date, they have to spend in the protection of the police in a building where living is not less than a punishment. The real character of the story is Dagar, who has taken up the task of finding and killing such loving couples. The forehead is burnt. The beard has grown. On the nose, the spectacles hanging forward. Ryan ties a dagger and hits the skull accurately with a pistol fitted with a silencer.


Love Hostel Download Full Movie Important Point

Directed by Shanker Raman
Written by Shanker RamanMehak JamalYogi Singha
Screenplay by Shanker Raman
Produced by Gauri Khan
Manish Mundra
Gaurav Verma
Starring Bobby Deol
Vikrant Massey
Sanya Malhotra
Cinematography Vivek Shah
Edited by Nitin BaidShan Mahammed
Music by Score:
Clinton Cerejo
Jeet Gannguli
Red Chillies Entertainment
Drishyam Films
Distributed by ZEE5
Release date 25 February 2022
Running time 100 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
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Love Hostel Download Full Movie Important Point

Acting In Love Hostel Download Full Movie Important Point


Bobby Deol, Sanya Malhotra, and Vikrant Massey’s films were released on Zee5. Vikrant Massey as Ashu and Sanya Malhotra as Jyoti are completely off. The acting of both is not understood at all. Perhaps here he has failed to capture the director characters. At the same time, Bobby Deol has been made a dangerous murderer. In whom there is no mercy. He has been given the same kind of expressions, and he has done it right. But the director did not understand what to do with Bobby Deol.

In this way ‘Love Hostel’ is better a weak film, made on a strong subject. Director Shankar Raman has again raised the issue of ‘honor killing’ with this film and from the very first scene he makes it clear that this story is going to be full of bloodshed. The film starts with a murder and ends with a murder. Even in today’s time, the film revolves around what the Khap Panchayats and families think about honor killing and what decisions they make.

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Love Hostel Download download tariler Review

Seen as a newly wed couple, Sanya Malhotra and Vikrant Massey are on the run from Sanya’s family, who want to separate the two. The couple seek the help of the police, who give them a strange ‘hostel’ for their safety and stay. The police assure the couple that here they will be completely safe from their violent family. On the other hand, their family members have sent a killer to find the girl and bring her back home. This character is played by Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol’s character in the film has been looking creepy, with the scenes shown in the trailer, Bobby has managed to create a sense of fear. Love Hostel, produced by Gauri Khan, Manish Mundra and Gaurav Verma, will be available on Zee5 from February 25. This film is directed by Shankar Raman.

Actors’ performances in Love Hostel Download

If there is anything weak in this film, then it is its story because even before this, hundreds of films have been made on honor killing, but if we talk about the work of the actors, then everyone has done a good job. Vikrant’s work has always been commendable and this time too he has managed to win hearts. Sanya has also liked Haryana in this film, while Bobby Deol has also given an impressive performance. A 600-year-old Khap-like tradition has been shown in this film by linking it with Love Hostel. The songs in this film are not much, this film can be liked by those who like One Time Watch movies.

Shankar Raman, the director of the film ‘Love Hostel’, has been a good cinematographer. That’s why he knows very well what nuances to keep in mind while staying behind the camera. This is the reason why every scene has been well explored. The story of the film has been made more visually effective than the dialogues. It is important to know one thing that Shankar Raman, who started his direction in the year 2017 with the critically acclaimed thriller film ‘Gurgaon’, is a National Award winning cinematographer.

In the role of Dagar, Bobby Deol looks great despite being a villain. His character has been designed in such a way that it scares to see him. With pistols in his hands at all times, eager to pile up the corpses, Dagar manages to bring fear alive on screen. Overall, ‘Love Hostel’ is an average film. It can be seen once for the excellent performances of Vikrant Massey, Sanya Malhotra and Bobby Deol.

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