Jason Blum would love to be in charge of Universal’s Monsters

Jason Blum, the producer of The Invisible Man and the upcoming The Wolfman starring Ryan Gosling, says he isn’t the person to ask about the future of the Universal Monsters franchise even those he would love to be.


Universal’s Dark Universe never really got off the ground, with the idea to have a shared universe of classic monsters scrapped rather quickly due to a perceived lack of interest.

Jason Blum produced The Invisible Man for Universal earlier this year, however, and now he is producing The Wolfman starring Ryan Gosling. What does the future hold for the character beyond this film? Sadly, as Blum told Inverse, he simply doesn’t know:

“I wish I was the right person to ask this, I’m just not. They let us produce Invisible Man and they’re going to let us produce Wolfman, but the monsters and their fate and the direction and what the monsters mean overall, that’s entirely still a question for Universal. I’d love to be in charge of them, but I’m not.”

It seems like individual, one-off films are the best way to go for Universal’s portfolio of classic monsters right now. Though, a unified direction could work under the right management. Perhaps Blum is the guy to do it.




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