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It’s blood sucking locusts in the trailer for Netflix horror-thriller The Swarm


Sadly The Swarm isn’t a remake of clunky 1978 Michael Caine killer-bee movie, but instead a French independent horror-thriller on the dangers of meddling with nature that was selected for International Critics Week at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, and now it’s heading to Netflix.

Directed by Just Philippot, making his feature film debut, The Swarm stars Sulian Brahim as a single mother who’s struggling to stay afloat with her locust business, that is until one day she has has an accident which leads to a disturbing discovery about the creatures eating habits. Take a look at the trailer below….

Virginie lives on a farm with her children Laura and Gaston and raises locusts as a high-protein crop. Life is hard: money worries and practical problems are piling up, tensions with her kids and neighbors are running high. But everything changes when she discovers the locusts have a taste for blood.


The Swarm invades Netflix on August 6th.


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