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Heropanti 2‘ is based on cybercrime, the film’s hero i.e. Bablu Ranaut (Tiger Shroff) is an ambitious hacker, who keeps on duping people online by trapping them in his net, regardless of the outcome. Bablu falls in love with Inaaya (Tara Sutaria), who is none other than the sister of international digital fraudster Laila (Nawazuddin). Laila is not a common man, but a very clever thug, who creates an app named Pulse, which he can easily get the bank details of the people using it, but the twist in the story is that he is the biggest fraud in history. He cannot execute it alone, rather he has to take the help of another person to do it. Now that person is none other than Bablu. After agreeing to help Laila with the biggest heist, Bablu understands that nothing comes for free. Not even his love Inaaya, for which he has to do this. In fact, Bablu has to commit the theft along with Laila on the closing day of the financial year i.e. March 31, when everyone’s bank accounts are full of money. Bablu’s conscience wakes up when he meets Amrita Singh, a victim of this fraud. When Laila comes to know about this, he tries to kill her, after which Bablu vows to send everyone to jail.

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Now questions must be arising in your mind will Laila kill Bablu? Will Bablu be able to end this hacking empire? Will Bablu and Inaaya be able to reunite? Will the truth of her brother be able to come in front of Inaya? And will Bablu be able to return the money stolen from the people? So to answer all these interesting questions, you will have to watch the action-thriller ‘Heropanti 2’, full of action, drama and entertainment spices.

Heropanti 2 download Movie Important Point

Tiger Shroff started his career with the film Heropanti and now Heropanti 2. Meanwhile, Tiger has made his place as an action star.

Directed by Ahmed Khan
Written by Rajat Arora
Story by Sajid Nadiadwala
Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala
Starring Tiger Shroff
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Tara Sutaria
Cinematography Kabir Lal
Music by A. R. Rahman
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed by AA Films
Release date 29 April 2022
Running time 142 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Heropanti 2 download Movie Important Point

Acting in Heropanti 2 download

In terms of acting, the superb cast of the film has left no stone unturned, in which as always Tiger is seen making everyone crazy with his dance and actions. Whereas, like every time, Nawaz has left no stone unturned to do justice to his character. Tara is also doing well in her character. Amrita Singh has also impressed everyone with her acting in the film.


Nawazuddin is dominant in the film. Nawaz has played the character of a villain named Laila. One who wears jewelery like a girl, applies nail polish. Nawaz’s style is amazing. Whenever he comes on the screen, he is engrossed and at the same time you feel that the ticket money has been recovered. Nawaz’s style is worth watching. What to say about Tiger’s acting. Tiger has done what he is doing. Tiger’s following is amazing. Now is the time to do something new. Do some experiments. Tiger seems to be a comedian in the emotional scene. They stick together in one thing and that is action and dance, but we have seen all this a lot. Why give money for the same thing again and again and all this Tiger shows us on Instagram too.

Tara Sutaria has done so much overacting that even today over acting must have been considered bad. Amrita Singh is fine in the role of mother of Tiger. Nawaz is everywhere. Tiger cannot stand in front of Nawaz. The film also stars Udaybhanu Maheshwaran, who plays Chellam Sir in the web series Family Man 2. He is also a villain. . The rest of the villains of the film are also strong. By the way, if the villain is strong, then the hero’s heropanti comes out in the open, but here it could not happen. Here the villains were dominated, especially Nawaz.


Direction of Heropanti 2

Talking about the direction, choreographer-turned-filmmaker Ahmed Khan has taken the film from action to dance to the next level. The cinematography of the film is amazing, which has been shot on a large scale abroad. Also the music of the film is amazing, which has been composed by AR Rahman. So this weekend, if you want to see something full of dance, drama and action, Tiger’s ‘Heropanti 2’ will be the right choice.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Dafa Kar” A.R. Rehman, Hiral Viradia 3:59
2. “Jalwanuma” Pooja Tiwari, Javed Ali 3:45
3. “Miss Hairan” Tiger Shroff, Nisa Shetty 3:34
4. “Whistle Baja 2.0” Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan 2:48

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Also Read…

According to the action and macho image of Tiger in this film, director Ahmed Khan stuffed all the elements like amazing action, romance, songs, mother’s emotion, villain se Panga, social message, foreign location, but Heropanti 2 did not become a delicious biryani. Pai and its biggest reason was the headless story and weak screenplay. In order to show Tiger’s heroism, Ahmed Khan has kept many over-the-top scenes in the film, but there are some which seem ridiculous. Like Tiger Shroff getting up from the rags of a bomb blast victim train and receiving his mother’s phone. Hollywood-style action, dance, romance, Tiger and Nawaz’s laughter along with Tiger’s whistler dialogues like ‘Meri Jaati Nahi Aur Sabko Aati Nahi’ can attract fans, but then the problem is that every two-three scenes After that a song comes and the fight starts. AR Rahman’s music doesn’t tie the knot and it’s because he doesn’t take the story forward. One has to wait till the end to even watch a song like Whistle Baja. Yes, if you look at the songs apart from the film, then its choreography is visible. The climax of the film is interesting.

Tiger Shroff has proved to be twenty in every way in terms of action. He has played the explosive action well with his swag and style. On the other hand, Tara Sutaria disappoints in the role of Inaaya. Tiger-Tara’s chemistry fails to create the umpteenth factor on screen. As far as Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s acting is concerned, he is the plus point of the film. Her character of Laila entertains the audience immensely. A capable actress like Amrita Singh has been turned into a mouth-watering mother.

‘The real Heropanti is not in winning with the people, it is in winning the people’ This dialogue of Heropanti 2 became famous after the second trailer launch of the film. In fact, after Tiger’s debut film Heropanti, the way two trailers were released with its Part 2’s banging, high octane action and Tiger-Nawaz’s jugalbandi, fans had high hopes, but regrettably have to say that Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti fails to win over the audience in this Ahmed Khan-directed film due to the short story.

However, the story begins in a very interesting way, where the magician Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a vicious fraudulent hacker who is trying to hack all the tax money of India at the closing of the financial year. On the other hand, Bablu (Tiger Shroff) is an aspiring hacker who wants to make money by making money. Bablu is appointed to uncover Laila’s cover on a government mission, but there Bablu not only falls in love with Laila’s sister Inaya (Tara Sutaria) but also becomes Laila’s accomplice in the wrong business of hacking. Bablu’s conscience wakes up when he meets Amrita Singh, who is a victim of this fraud. When Laila comes to know about this, he tries to kill Amrita, after that Bablu vows to save his mother and send the criminals to jail.

Heropanti 2 trailer Review

The trailer starts with Nawazuddin’s strong acting. It is shown that Laila is behind the cyber crime happening in the world, to stop which it is necessary to find Bablu. Action, drama and romance will be seen in abundance in the film. At the same time, the dialogues of the film are also quite funny. Nawazuddin is seen competing with Tiger in the role of a magician. , This 3 minute 20 second trailer is full on entertainment masala.

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