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Green light given to The Wandering Earth 2 as Andy Lau joins blockbuster sequel

A sequel to China’s fourth highest grossing film of all time was announced at the end of last year, but now Variety report that registration records on the National Film Bureau’s website show that censors have approved production for The Wandering Earth 2, and that Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs) has joined the expedition.

Returning to helm the sequel will be writer director Frant Gwo, with filming set to take place between October 2021 to March 2022. The only other confirmed cast member is Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior).

A brief synopsis for The Wandering Earth 2 has also been revealed. It reads “The sun is about to be destroyed, and humans have built huge engines on the earth’s surfaces to help them find a new home. However, the road out into the universe is perilous. In order to save the earth, a group of young people of the wandering earth era again stepped forward to begin a battle against life and death.”

The Wandering Earth takes place in the future where the sun is about to turn into a red giant, forcing humanity to enact a plan to transport the Earth out of the Solar System using enormous Earth Engines.

The film, which was released on Chinese New Year’s Day last year, proved to be a smash hit at the box office, the $50 million production grossing over $700 million worldwide, of which $693 million came from its home market. It is available to stream internationally on Netflix and you can read our ★ ★ ★ review here.


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