Film critic Chris Stuckmann teams with Paper Street to direct new horror film Shelby Oaks

From the small screens of YouTube videos to feature-length horror, film critic Chris Stuckmann is making a giant leap. Today, we’ve learned that Paper Street Pictures has tapped Stuckmann to write and direct an upcoming horror film.

Shelby Oaks will follow “the story of a fictional mid-2000’s U.S. paranormal investigative team called The Paranormal Paranoids.” In a bit of viral marketing for the piece, multiple found footage videos have surfaced online in recent months; in the latest clip, the video shows the abduction of someone from the group known as Riley.

You can check out coverage of the Paranormal Paranoids videos from a Reddit thread here.


“I had been looking for the right project to partner with Chris on for a while,” explained Paper Street CEO Aaron B Koontz, “and when I fell down the rabbit hole of this scary little story, quickly emerging right in Chris’ backyard of Ohio, with an intriguing and quickly growing YouTube element baked in, I knew we had to act fast on the perfect vehicle to launch Chris as a feature filmmaker. The videos and mystery are scary enough, but the ideas we have for where this can go are truly frightening.”

Chris Stuckmann went on to add: “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to finally get a film off the ground and when Aaron and I began discussing the potential of this story, we immediately jumped at it. There is a reason so many of my fellow YouTubers are talking about this. Shelby Oaks is going to be something fresh yet deeply unnerving.”


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