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Exclusive Interview – Director Nir Bergman on his new film Here We Are

Martin Carr chats with Here We Are director Nir Bergman…


Nir Bergman is an Israeli filmmaker with over two decades of experience in film and television. He has been nominated for numerous awards, both in his native country and elsewhere, in a career which is little short of illustrious in its breadth and bravery. In his latest Here We Are, which won four Israeli Academy Awards including Best Director, he tackles the long term parenting challenges of autism.

With a performance which garnered one of those aforementioned awards, Noam Imber rewrites the rule book on method acting as Uri, an autistic young man who is permanently cared for by his doting father. Shai Avivi plays Aharon, the father in question, and also won for his portrayal of a man incapable of letting go.

When Nir Bergman sat down recently with Martin Carr to discuss Here We Are, his desire to depict autism with compassion, consideration and no small measure of reality was evident. With this outstanding ensemble he has done just that. Watch the interview here…

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Aharon has devoted his life to raising his son Uri, where they live together in a gentle routine away from the real world. Uri is autistic and now as a young adult, it might be time for him to live in a specialised home. Aharon feels deep down that Uri is not ready for this separation, so on the way to the home, he decides to run away with his son and they hit the road. A journey that has unexpected consequences for Aharon and Uri’s quiet life together.


Here We Are is released in UK cinemas from July 23rd.


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