Essential Dolph Lundgren Movies That Every Action Fan Should Watch!

Red Stewart presents Dolph Lundgren’s best films…


There’s a story that circulated the news a while back wherein robbers broke into actor Dolph Lundgren’s home, but hauled out of there the second they realized it was his house.

That really says something about his image. Combining a huge physique with natural charisma, Lundgren became an action star icon during the 80s when the genre hit the heights of popularity. He is mentioned alongside other greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone for a reason: he managed to create a strong presence that left audiences mesmerized.

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While most obviously know him for Drago in Rocky IV, there are plenty more movies of his worth checking out, and so here are the essential Dolph Lundgren films, courtesy of our pals Marvelous Videos…

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