Driving Miss Daisy Fast & Furiously and the Cinematic Crossovers We Need To See

We’ve had Assembled Avengers and Freddy vs Jason, but here are some crossovers we really need to see…

It doesn’t happen too often in cinema but when it does, the crossover special definitely tickles the viewers’ curiosity. Whether it was Freddy vs Jason bringing two horror universes crashing together or the first bout of Kong vs Godzilla or the Disney and Looney Tunes cameo fest in Roger Rabbit, fans are usually enamoured with the idea (even if occasionally, the result doesn’t feel as great as it should be) of two (or more) separate IPs converging. 

Such is the intermingling power of the MCU, the whole crossover shtick seems to be incredibly popular now. Sure, for them and DC who followed suit (at least cinematically), this was born in the comic book source material, but fans love seeing worlds and characters collide. Despite this, we’ve yet to see the most enticing crossovers possible so brace yourselves for a dive into dreamland with ten crossovers the world sorely needs to see…

Benoit Blanc and The Muppets

It started as an internet gag turned slightly wishful rumour, but just how great would a Muppets and Benoit Blanc crossover be? Rian Johnson’s quirky Detective looks destined to jump from case to case every couple of years whilst audiences revel in the star-powered silliness and delightfully old fashioned over-the-top histrionics of these films. There’s no basis in reality as the films riff on all the most iconic Detective staples of sleuth solvers who have curious levels of infamy.

Whether it’s the over-the-top delights of Knives Out or Glass Onion, Blanc stepping into the world of The Muppets wouldn’t actually seem that silly. Perhaps if Johnson and Jason Segal (whose 2011 reboot script work was great) joined forces we’d get a mystery caper that adeptly connected the two worlds. Still, above all, something that would be great fun, and let’s be honest after Daniel Craig’s recent dancing antics, he’d probably be more than happy to jump into a musical number. 

Mad Max vs The Terminator

Right, this idea is so good I’m gonna copyright it and demand the screenwriting gig. The post-apocalyptic events that left Max to roam a desert wasteland were only ever vaguely touched upon. Plus this is Hollywood baby, we can reboot and retcon to our hearts’ content. 

Long after the Machines ruled the Earth and humans took it back, we have Max’s world of fire and blood. The whole thing about Mad Max, at least from Road Warrior to Fury Road, is that the character happens upon a wider story, so what if he wonders into a post-apocalyptic city besieged by a last band of Cyborgs looking to take control of the power to help them rebuild and finish the job?

John Connor has long since kicked the bucket and now it’s down to Mad Max, as played by a gruff and haggard Mel Gibson, encountering the troupe of Endo Skeletons, led by a weathered T-800, played by Arnold. George Miller takes the director’s chair and we finally have a way to make a good Terminator movie again. A desert set vehicle chase to end all chases is also required. Skydance or Warner…call me. 

Rambo and Dutch vs Predator

Right, we’ve got more work for Arnie. The idea of Schwarzenegger’s iconic Dutch sharing the screen with Stallone’s iconic warhorse John Rambo, has been talked about for decades. Seriously by any studios? Probably not, but among action aficionados, the idea of a shared Rambo and Predator universe is practically a wet dream. 

A close second alternative might be for Arnold’s John Matrix character from Commando to team with Rambo and take on a Predator, but since Dutch has the experience already it makes more sense. The titular predator has already had the crossover treatment, after sharing the screen with fellow E.T menace, the Xenomorph in two Aliens vs Predator films. 

Maybe Dutch gets dragged out of retirement to deal with an alien menace. He calls on an old vet he crossed paths with once, Rambo. John J. For good measure, we’ll throw in a couple of re-animated soldiers played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren to assist in the unit. Lundgren goes nuts to complicate matters, wearing a necklace made up of ears and Predator mandibles.

John Wick and Ethan Hunt

John Wick’s world is very distinct, and visually it’s unlike almost any other action franchise. There’s a lot of shadowy mythology and rogue organisations, but nothing that wouldn’t particularly feel out of place in the world Ethan Hunt inhabits. 

Right now John Wick/Keanu is leading the action genre along with Tom Cruise (as Hunt or Maverick). They’re the two last bastions and the possibility of them coming together to take on a wider foe would be very exciting. 2023 is all about John Wick and Mission: Impossible as far as action is concerned. Let’s get these crazy cats together. Given Cruise and Wick would inevitably have to throw down at some stage, the idea would see Wick, who operates within a lawless circle doing questionable things, being targeted by the IMF, before joining forces. Just what crazy stunt could Tom Cruise pull off? 

Luther and James Bond

How long have we listened to rumours that Idris Elba was being lined up as Daniel Craig’s replacement for James Bond? It feels like forever, and whilst Elba is great, he’s now reached a stage where he may just be slightly too old to play the character. 

Bond can operate across different time periods and guises. There’s a fluidity to the character which has allowed him continual reinvention. Whoever ends up in the role could thus step into this crossover. There’s been a consistent observation in the okay(ish) reviews for Luther: The Fallen Sun, which is to say the big-budget spectacle feels less like the character’s more grounded, flawed detective roots and more like Elba’s grandiose spy film to (try and) rival the Bond franchise. 

Regardless of Fallen Sun, Elba remains intensely watchable and connecting Luther with the roguish 007 would be workable and immensely cool. 

Marvel vs DC

Okay, in this territorial Hollywood world, this is unlikely to happen, unless Disney uses their financial, monopolising brawn to buy DC studios. The final two Avengers films were gargantuan, bringing together almost every Marvel staple character to battle for the Universe. 

The Marvel output since? Decidedly underwhelming on every level, not least an inability to match the sheer magnitude of those giant ensembles. We’re at a stage too, where the studios of both are beginning to scrape the barrel for characters. Sure, die-hard fans may love Ant-Man or Shazam, but the general shmoe on the street is more aware of Spidey, Batsy, Supesy or Ironsy. 

Let’s consider that no one would have thought it possible that Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny would share the screen prior to it actually happening. The A-list Marvel crew against the big boys of DC such as Superman and Batman would be a feasible way to actually make something with the scale and stakes to top Avengers: Endgame. Go on Disney, make an offer!

Riddick vs Aliens

Richard B. Riddick as played by Vin Diesel, travels the Universe getting up to all sorts. The original Pitch Black, which remains by far the best film, was effectively modelled after James Cameron’s Aliens, replacing Xenomorphs with bat-like Alien creatures that have an aversion to light. 

Riddick may well come back to explore his home world, but perhaps one day the surprisingly enduring Furyan could do battle with the less surprisingly enduring Xenomorph (who is also due to return soon). Little has been clarified about the Xenomorph’s ability to travel, but we’ve seen how many outposts, ships and worlds they have spread to and it goes without saying that Riddick could encounter them. Call me a sucker too, but there’s a lot about the maligned The Chronicles of Riddick I enjoyed and I was left curious about the Underverse. It would be particularly interesting to delve into that world and maybe where Riddick might encounter the Xenomorph.

Hellboy and Hellraiser

First, we need Hellboy as played by Ron Perlman and Doug Bradley as Pinhead. For good measure, let’s include Jamie Clayton’s version from the reboot, as the pair could co-exist. More importantly…Guillermo del Toro to direct. Hellboy and the cenobites both derive from hell and logic isn’t entirely necessary in both franchises either. 

Let’s also incorporate a journey into hell, not unlike Hellraiser 2, which would also appeal to the visual sensibilities and style of del Toro. 

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

After the success of Freddy vs Jason, there were long-running rumours of not only a sequel but widening the crossovers. Among the names mentioned, we had Michael Myers and Pinhead as potential candidates on that extra vs, but none were quite as intriguing as Ash from the Evil Dead series having to do battle with Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees. 

Ash is used to battling the undead and these two would rank as the most chilling enemy he’s ever faced. Though it never materialised, nor a long-anticipated Sam Raimi led Evil Dead 4, Ash did return in the popular Ash vs The Evil Dead series. Even now though, it would be great to see Campbell make a big screen return against Robert Englund’s Kruger. Sam Raimi would need to helm. 

Fast and Furious and Driving Miss Daisy

The scene: The Fast crew have had a few years without having to fly cars into space, or off buildings or having perpetual battles with angry estranged family members, before teaming up with said family members later in the series. They’ve become more and more ludicrous so let’s up the ante still further. 

Either Tyrese Gibson or Ludacris’s characters have an ageing uncle played by Morgan Freeman who still chauffeurs his long-term friend, Miss Daisy (in a role that we will sadly have to recast). Freeman is heading for retirement, training his nephew to take up the role and taking over his chauffering business. Gibson hires his buddies to become the drivers. It’s a quaint lesson in life drama about race, class and human growth until 30 minutes in when all hell breaks loose and the crew have to take out an international terrorist, with Miss Daisy in tow.

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