Creepy Bug Movies That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

From The Fly to Eight Legged Freaks by way of Arachnophobia and The Mist, Marvelous Videos presents creepy bug movies that will send chills down your spine…


Insects play a massive role in the world’s ecosystems- without them, you can kiss the entire biosphere goodbye. But there’s a reason we’ve developed an evolutionary fear of them: they are so creepy!

Without faces to identify with or animal-like features to at least familiarize ourselves with, human beings are naturally averted to these creatures, with the word “bug” even being coined to denigrate them even more.

As you can expect, movies have capitalized on this phobia to make us even more afraid. And thanks to Marvelous Videos, we have eleven creepy bug films that will make you think twice about walking outside!

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