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cbi 5 the brain movie download: Sethuramayya, a CBI employee, is the form given to such an adjective by Malayalees. Malayalees will recognize and understand the three letter word or system of CBI based on the look and feel of this character. The theme of the film is ‘Basket Killing’. One murder after another. The CBI reaches the crime scene and takes over the investigation before the police investigation of the real killer is over. The journey of Sethuramayya and his group in search of the meaning of truth begins with scattered doubts and conclusions. After much deliberation, Iyer reaches the real culprit by connecting the dots that cannot fill in each other. CBI 5: Tells the story of The Brain in the same old style which he tried in the previous films and also succeeded. The story opens in a slow pace. Till the interval there is no indication of where the story is going or who is to blame. Hence, the first half has been able to create excitement among the audience about where it is going. However, the setback of the film is that neither the second half nor the climax can retain the thrill of the first half.

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Mammootty’s Sethuramaiyar has a charming presence in the film. There is no change in that old classic Sethuramayya here. Mammootty is becoming an Iyer with the same energy, acumen and youthfulness that CBI has seen in the previous series. It is to be appreciated that an actor is able to portray a character that he has portrayed for 34 years in a similar manner, with hand gestures and even without noticing a major change in appearance. Iyer, who was seen on screen as a child, fills the screen with the accompaniment of that evergreen background music.


CBI 5 the brain movie Download Important point

CBI officials Ranji Panicker, Ramesh Pisharody and Ansiba Hassan have shown a positive face. The turning point of the story is the performance of Asha Sarath, who becomes a lawyer in a character with a slight negative tone. Saikumar stands out as a police officer who speaks eloquently with a gesture of authority. A few more actors who come and go in a couple of scenes are used with prominence in the film.

Directed by K. Madhu
Written by S. N. Swamy
Produced by Swargachitra Appachan
Starring Mammootty
Jagathy Sreekumar
Renji Panicker
Cinematography Akhil George
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Music by Jakes Bejoy
Swargachithra Films
Distributed by Swargachithra
Release date 1 May 2022
Running time 164 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
CBI 5 the brain movie Download Important point

Especially before the climax is approaching, the place where Sethurama Iyer’s character breaks down is certainly unpredictable, while at the same time telling both credible reasons for the death of a police officer who was initially killed. Who the culprit is and the reason he gives for committing the crime is kind of startling. The lack of a large number of action scenes inevitably makes the current youth feel like the film is moving slowly. While those who have already watched all four episodes and are waiting for this 5th episode can say that this film has given some satisfaction though not as much as expected.


CBI 5 the brain movie download Review

The storytelling style is similar to that of the previous films in the CBI series. Sethuramayya’s progress is to add, subtract and subtract numbers. The basketball massacre is projected in such a way that even the most intelligent Sethuramayya can be confused. Hence, the film is meant to arouse curiosity as to what Iyer’s conclusions will be. The classic status of the CBI series is due to the fact that the hero’s successes, failures and disappointments can have the effect of becoming his own.

It’s been 34 years since Sethuramayya began playing a game of chess with wit and laughter while uncovering mysterious deaths. At the end of the first part of the investigation into Iyer’s case without any changes, SN Swamy and K Madhu engage the audience in a clever game of storytelling. With the theme of Basket Killing, you can watch Sethuramayya progressing through each step of the game on the ladder of intelligence.


Malayalam actor Jagathi Sreekumar, who is seen in just one scene on screen, will bring water to the eyes of the audience. SN Swamy and director K.K. Made with honey. One of the best scenes in the film is Jagti’s coming and going. Sai Kumar is another person who is getting attention in CBI 5. Saikumar’s Satyadas also entertains the audience with his interesting body language and dialogues. Mukesh, Ranji Panicker, Anoop Menon, Dilesh Pothen, Asha Sarath, Kaniha, Ansiba, Malavika Menon, Malavika Nair, G. The film also stars Suresh Kumar, Soubin Shahir, Sudev Nair, Jayakrishnan, Edavala Babu, Ramesh Pisharodi, Prashant Alexander, Arjun Nandakumar, Pratap Pothen, Aziz Nedumangad, Kottayam Ramesh, Chanthunath and Krishna. But for many people there is nothing special to do in the film.

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Direction in cbi 5 the brain movie download

The director is without any gimmicks or fuss. Madhu narrates the story at the end of the first. This soft approach is evident in the sections from the title card to the tail end. Jake Bijou’s music is also excellent. CBI 5 is the only film that would have received less praise when it released ten or twelve years ago. The screenwriter has crafted the story in a very safe manner without touching on new technologies or changing times. But it remains to be seen to what extent today’s cinema-lovers can adopt that approach, who have watched and nurtured vibrant crime thriller films in different languages. This is what limits the movie to an average viewing experience. The characters in CBI 5: The Brain are slightly larger than in the previous films of the same series. The film stars Sudev Nair, Pratap Pothen, Saikumar, Anoop Menon, Soubin Shahir, Ranji Panicker, Ramesh Pisharodi, Prashanth, Kottayam Ramesh, Jayakrishnan, Santosh Keezhatoor, Asha Sarath, Kaniha, Ansiba and Malavika. Iyer’s iconic background song gives all the energy to the film. Jacques Bejoy has managed to light up the scenes without harming the old music.


cbi 5 the brain Movie Download Movie Link

താർ ഡൗൺലോഡ് മൂവിയുടെ ലിങ്ക് നൽകുന്നതും കുറ്റകരമാണ്, അതിനാൽ ഈ cbi 5 ന്റെ ഡൗൺലോഡ് ലിങ്ക് ബ്രെയിൻ മൂവി ഡൗൺലോഡ് സിനിമ നൽകാൻ കഴിയില്ല. cbi 5 ബ്രെയിൻ മൂവി ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്തതിന്റെ റിവ്യൂവിനെ കുറിച്ചുള്ള വിവരങ്ങൾ നൽകുക മാത്രമാണ് ഞങ്ങളുടെ ഉദ്ദേശം, പൈറസി സൈറ്റുകൾ സിനിമ ചോർത്തുന്നത് കാരണം സിനിമ ഒരുപാട് കഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നു, അതിനാൽ cbi 5 the brain movie ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യാൻ നിങ്ങളോട് അഭ്യർത്ഥിക്കുന്നു. പകരം, ഔദ്യോഗിക വെബ്‌സൈറ്റിലോ സിനിമാ ഹാളിലോ പോയി കാണുക.

cbi 5 the brain Movie Download Movie Link

Netflix has reportedly acquired the digital rights of CBI5. Meanwhile, Surya TV has acquired the satellite rights. Apart from Sethuramaiya’s fifth appearance, CBI5 also marks Jagti’s return to the stage. Jagti, who left the film industry completely after a car accident, has returned as a strong character through CBI5.

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