Carrie Fisher’s final film Wonderwell unveils official trailer

Strange Quark Films has released the official trailer for director Vlad Marsavin’s long-gestating fantasy film Wonderwell, which features the late Carrie Fisher in her final role.

The film follows Violet (Kiera Milward), a 12 year old girl who finds herself pulled from modern-day Italy to a fantastical realm which offers her a glimpse at what her future might hold, after she meets an enigmatic woman (Fisher) in a Tuscan forest, who may be the fabled witch of the woods. Watch the trailer below…

At 12 years old, Violet (newcomer Kiera Milward) is living in Italy with her American parents and her beautiful older sister, Savannah (Nell Tiger Free). When Savannah is selected to be the face of world-renowned designer Yana’s (Rita Ora) fashion label, the family travels to an enchanting medieval village for a photo shoot. Neglected and bored, Violet wanders from the ancient Tuscan town into a nearby forest where she meets the enigmatic Hazel (Carrie Fisher), who may be the fabled witch of the woods Violet was warned about by Yana’s beleaguered stepson, Daniele (Sebastian Croft). Guided by Hazel to a mysterious portal, Violet is offered a glimpse of what her future might hold, but like the transition from childhood to womanhood, it may be a journey of no return. A gorgeous coming-of-age adventure that combines cutting-edge CGI technology with riveting live-action, Wonderwell follows Violet on a thrilling, humorous, and often terrifying voyage as she discovers the pitfalls of womanhood through the gateway of her imagination.

Featuring in the cast of Wonderwell are Carrie Fisher, Rita Ora, Kiera Milward, Nell Tiger Free, and Sebastian Croft.

Wonderwell arrives in select cinemas on June 23rd.


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