Australian slasher Bliss of Evil gets a trailer, poster and images

BayView Entertainment has released a poster and trailer for the Australian slasher Bliss of Evil.

Written and directed by Joshua Morris,  the film centres on sound engineer Isla as she becomes trapped in a recording studio with her girlfriend’s band, where they fall prey to a deadly intruder. Watch the trailer below…

“Bliss of Evil” tells the story of Isla, a sound engineer helping her girlfriend, Nic’s band ‘Prom Night’; rehearse for an upcoming gig that may land them a major record deal. However, Isla has recently experienced a traumatic event, and although she is attempting to move forward, Isla’s friends are worried about her. With Nic struggling with her own feelings of guilt and grief, and an arrogant new member joining the band, rehearsal gets off to a rocky start.

The evening goes from bad to worse when the band find themselves locked inside the rehearsal studio with one of their friends murdered and no escape. As the bodies begin to pile up, mayhem and mistrust among the group builds and Isla’s past comes crashing into her present, forcing her to fight her demons head on.

Featuring in the cast of Bliss of Evil are Sharnee Tones, Shanay De Marco, Michaela Da Costa, Jordan Schulte, Emily Rowbottom, Brendan R. Burman-Bellenger, Chenaya Aston, Wayne Bassett, Lloyd Takiwa, and Corrie Hinschen.


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