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Ashram 3 download filmyzilla Review : The third installment of MX Player’s famous series ‘Ashram’ is released on June 3, 2022. Adorned with actors like Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, Aditi Pohankar, Tridha Choudhary to Esha Gupta, the experience of watching the first episode of ‘Ashram 3 download’ web series was exactly the same as the first two seasons. Started seeing the Same masala and the same story but Prakash Jha has reached the audience with a new twist. Will the black deeds of ‘Nirala Baba’ and ‘Bhopa Singh’ of Badnaam Ashram 3 download be exposed this time? Will Pammi Baba do all the work Nirala? Will Ashram 4 also be seen? If you have the same questions in your mind, then their answers will become clear after watching all the episodes of this series (Aashram Web Series).

आज के इस पोस्ट में बताने जा रहा हूँ की वेब सीरीज Aashram 3 web series कैसी है मतलब इस वेब सीरीज का रिव्यु नीचे पढ़ने को मिल जायेगा। जिससे आपको पता चल जायेगा की Aashram 2 web series कैसी है और इसके अलावा काफी लोग गूगल पर इस web series को लेकर ashram 3 download link, ashram 3 web series download filmyzilla, ashram 3 download telegram link, ashram 3 download 480p,aashram season 3 free download , ashram 3 download online, ashram 3 download telegram,ashram web series season 3 watch online, aashram 3 download moviesflix, aashram 3 download filmywap, aashram 3 download 480p filmywap, ashram season 3 download filmyzilla, ashram web series season 3 mx player  जैसे शब्द का इस्तेमाल कर सर्च करते है इन सभी सर्च का जबाब इस पोस्ट में मिल जायेगा तो ध्यान से इस पोस्ट को पढ़े सभी जानकारी मिल जायेगा।

Ashram 3 download filmyzilla Review importent point

शैली क्राइम ड्रामा
निर्देशक प्रकाश झा
सितारे बॉबी देओल
आवाजें संजय मासूम
संगीत निर्देशक अद्वैत नेमलकर
निर्माण का देश भारत
मूल भाषा(एं) हिन्दी
सत्र संख्या 3
प्रकरणों की संख्या Udate Soon
निर्माता प्रकाश झा
संपादक संतोष मंडल
स्थल भारत
छायांकन चन्दन कौली
कैमरा सेटअप बहु-कैमरा
निर्माण कंपनी प्रकाश झा प्रोडक्शन्स
वितरक एमएक्स प्लेयर
मूल चैनल एमएक्स प्लेयर
छवि प्रारूप ऍचडीटीवी
श्रव्य प्रारूप डोल्बी डिजिटल
मूल प्रसारण 3 जून 2022
Ashram 3 download filmyzilla Review

A short recap of both seasons

The Ashram 3 download web series started with Pammi, a girl from a Dalit family. Who had reached the rate of Baba Nirala due to the frustration and evils of the society. In the beginning, Pammi felt that Baba Nirala’s Dham is the only place in the world where there is nothing backward, high and low. Everything is same here. But when Pammi reaches Baba Nirala’s Ashram 3 download, she comes to know that this Baba is not only corrupt, hypocrites but also sexually exploits the Sadhvis of the Ashram 3 download. Pammi is determined that she will bring the truth of the priest of lust in front of everyone. In the second season, somehow Pammi manages to escape from the Ashram 3 download with the help of reporter Akki.


Story of Ashram 3

In ‘Ashram 2’, the audience saw that Pammi (Aditi Pohankar), a girl from a Dalit family, has run away from Baba Nirala’s clutches. From this the story of ‘Ashram 3 download’ begins with a new twist. Baba Nirala’s empire has spread more than the last time. He is no longer just a Baba but has become a God. His arrogance makes him more aggressive. Baba Nirala and Bhopa Singh have increased their empire manifold through hypocrisy and black deeds. The child of the city is trapped in his false faith. He has taken big businessmen and leaders in his hand. How does Pammi face Nirala, who has become so powerful now? Enjoy watching this in the series only. Yes, its special thing is that ‘Ashram 3 download’ takes you away with you like a stream of river. You will go on watching it episode by episode.

acting in Ashram 3 download

The strong performances of actors like Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Aditi Pohankar make this series strong. Once again you will get to see the power of the acting of these artists in the third installment.


directing of Ashram 3 download

Prakash Jha, who made films like Gangajal, Aapnaan, Satyagraha, Politics, Aarakshan and Chakravyuh from the Ashram series, made his OTT debut. The detail and perfection of his work which is seen in films, the same thing was seen in the third season ofAshram 3 download as well. He has executed the tight story in a wonderful way on the screen. The specialty of Prakash Jha is that he recognizes the quality of artists. He knows how to use the talent of the artist properly. This is the reason that he molded Bobby Deol into a character that no one has been able to do till date.

miss in Ashram 3 download

After watching the first episode of 40-45 minutes, it is realized that this time also you will get to see the same juice. The biggest challenge in making a sequel of any project is that you serve new masala along with tying the audience. After watching two seasons of Ashram, expectations from Prakash Jha get high. Now what special he is going to serve in the third season, it will be known only after watching all the episodes on June 3.


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Ashram 3 download trailer

Once again, the kingdom of Baba of Kashipur has returned, once again the voice of chanting will resonate in the ears, once again the illusion of Baba’s dark intentions will spread and once again there will be atrocities in Baba’s dark city. Baba Nirala has returned who is more powerful and clever this time, who this time will not only wear Baba’s cloak but will openly play with the faith of the devotees by becoming the God of Kali Yuga, because now this Ashram 3 download has become a disgraced ashram. MX Player has released the trailer of this famous web series.


Produced and directed by Prakash Jha and starring Bobby Deol in the lead, all the episodes of this MX Original series will stream on MX Player for free from June 3. Talking about the trailer of Ashram 3, the trailer is good. Bobby Deol is looking fabulous and it seems that this time the fear will spread more. Seeing the trailer, it is hoped that this time Baba will create more ruckus. MX Player’s most watched show is Ashram. This show revolves around a great sin, Baba keeps on twisting every rule according to his own.. In this trailer Baba Nirala has said to be fearless. Now, his craving for power has intensified, making him invincible. He believes to be above all and thinks that he is God. The power of the ashram is at its peak. In this ‘discredited’ ashram, women continue to be exploited, indulge in drug trade and control the politics of the city.

On the other hand, Pammi has sleepless nights to take revenge on Lord Nirala. Will Ujagar Singh be able to help Pammi get justice and expose the ‘disgraced’ ashram?

Talking about this web series, director Prakash Jha said, “Making films is a passion of mine, and I am fortunate to have got an opportunity to work with such enthusiastic and passionate actors and technicians who put their faith in me. And told the story exactly the way I wanted it to be. With Ashram too we have lived the same passion, emotion and thrill. Also, being the original series of MX Player, we have a successful association which got a lot of love from the audience And became the most watched webseries on the OTT platform. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience on Ek Badnaam – Ashram 3 download.

Baba Nirala aka Bobby Deol says, “I am thrilled to work with Prakash Jha and MX Player once again. The story of Prakashji’s ashram inspired me to sign this project and I will be forever grateful for it. Baba’s character will get deeper in every chapter and it has such a color that will keep the audience in their seats in Season 3. One of the great things about this series is that through this series MX Player will be able to play any platform in India. It has got the highest number of views and is second only to Youtube and it has also become one of the most watched shows on OTT thanks to the compelling story of Prakashji, the reach of MX Player and the work done on it. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team. It’s also good to know that our show has been watched more times than the two seasons of IPL. Ashram 3 download A powerful and captivating series that has given me the experience of a lifetime.”

Bobby Deol, Aditi Pohankar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, Esha Gupta, Sachin Shroff, Adhyayan Suman, Tridha Choudhary, Vikram Kochhar, Anurita K Jha, Rushad Rana, Tanmay Ranjan, Preeti Sood, Rajeev Siddhartha in this web series And Jaya Seal Ghosh.


A small glimpse of Esha Gupta was seen in the trailer, but now recently a video of her has surfaced. In which the curtain was lifted on the character of Esha Gupta. X Player has released a new video on its Instagram account. It was told in the video that Esha Gupta is playing the role of a girl named Sonia in Ashram 3 download. The video begins with Esha Gupta coming to the court of Baba Nirala, who calls Baba as God as soon as she arrives and gives him a place at her feet. To which she is seen subduing Baba Nirala (Bobby) Deol, but in the meantime Baba Nirala’s aide Bhopa Swami (Chandan Roy Sanyal) suspects Sonia and asks Baba not to fall into the trap of Sonia’s beauty. alerts to.

the director Prakash Jha

Prakash Jha’s name is still taken with great respect in cinema. When cinema based on sports was rarely discussed in the country, he attracted the attention of the country and the world by making a film like ‘Hip Hip Hurray’. Then, by making films like ‘Damul’, ‘Parineeti’, ‘Mrityudand’ and ‘Gangajal’, he made his name repeatedly in the list of National Film Awards. And, then he was enamored of the stars. After some more time passed, he also started liking acting.

His star as a director started staggering with the film ‘Rajneeti’. Prakash Jha has become an example of a strong director losing his luster in the aura of the stars of Hindi cinema. Prakash Jha is yet to take many more tests of his fans. In the third season, he has changed the name of MX Player’s own series ‘Ashram’ to ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’. Watching its 10 episodes is no less than a challenge in itself. And, it doesn’t make sense after watching that it is the same Prakash Jha who ever won the National Film Award for Best Screenplay.

Losing story, poor script in Ashram 3 download

Mistakes happen the most. Cinema also understands only by making mistakes. Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’ is his third big mistake after ‘Satyagraha’ and ‘Jai Gangaajal’. In the eyes of the world, all the explosive stories have been written for the screen on the story of the crimes of the Babas or religious leaders who roam as saints. People also liked them but the web series ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’ kills the most in its handwriting. The character Baba Nirala, which he had created in the first season of this series, inspired by the conduct, behavior and costumes of the alleged religious leaders in different jails of the country, always seemed fake due to lack of directorial integrity. At the end of the second season, Pammi escapes from his clutches, half the story of the third season, the two are trapped in the rat-cat race between the two. Baba feels that he needs to revive his brand so professional people are brought in for this. And, the story comes to a standstill where it seems that Prakash Jha is going to make at least one more season of it and who knows that he has shot two seasons simultaneously like last time.

Esha Gupta was seen giving bold scenes with Bobby Deol

Sonia, who has come to Baba’s ashram for some purpose, also encounters Babita aka Tridha Chaudhary, who asks her the reason for coming to Baba Nirala’s Ashram 3 download, to which Esha Gupta replies that the fragrance of Baba’s fame spreads everywhere. Is. Some intimate scenes between Esha Gupta and Bobby Deol have also been filmed in this video. Sharing this video, the makers wrote, ‘Who is this Sonia, who has completely attracted Baba Nirala’.

For what purpose did Sonia come to Baba Nirala’s ashram will be revealed on this day

After two successful seasons of Ashram, now people are eagerly waiting for the third season of this series. Now for what purpose Esha Gupta, who plays Sonia, has come to Baba Nirala’s court, it will be revealed on June 3. Apart from Bobby Deol and Esha Gupta, Tridha Chaudhary, Aditi Porkar, Chandan Rai Sanyal, Adhyayan Suman will be seen in important roles in this series.


Aashram 3 web series का डाउनलोड लिंक देना भी एक अपराध है जिसके कारण इस Aashram 3 web series का डाउनलोड लिंक नहीं दे सकते। हमारा मकसद सिर्फ आपको Aashram 3 web series का Review की जानकारी देना है Aashram 3 web series को Piracy Sites द्वारा फिल्म को लीक करने के कारण फिल्म को काफी नुकसान होता है इसलिए हम आपसे भी अनुरोध करना चाहते है की ऐसे वेबसाइट से Aashram 3 web series download करने के बदले ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट में जा कर देखें।

Aashram 3 Download link

अगर आप Aashram Season 3 web series ऑनलाइन देखना चाहते है तो ऑनलाइन देख भी सकते है और डाउनलोड भी कर सकते है Aashram Season 3 web series Download को Amazon पर रिलीज़ किया गया है जहाँ से ऑनलाइन देख सकते है इसके अलावा अगर आप डाउनलोड करना चाहते है तो Mxplayer App को download इनस्टॉल कर लेते है तो इस Mxplayer एप्प में Aashram Season 3 web series डाउनलोड भी कर सकते है और जब चाहे ऑफलाइन अपने मोबाइल में देख सकते है

Bobby Deol’s attitude continues

Be it the urge to watch the web series ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’ for 10 episodes or that the compulsion remains only because of its two lead actors Bobby Deol and Chandan Roy Sanyal. Written on a weak story, both seem to be trying to put their lives in a sloppy screenplay. This look of Bobby Deol has been surprising since the first season. It was the character of a corrupt, sly, possessive and lustful Baba who introduced the world to Bobby Deol’s acting abilities. People understood this too, but the stories suitable for this complexion of theirs need to reach them more. Whatever he earned in ‘Class of 83’ he has lost it in ‘Love Hostel’. Bhopa Swami, a character equal to Baba Nirala’s strength, has also been in this story since the beginning, Chandan Roy Sanyal, playing this character, seems to be overwhelming Bobby in all the scenes in the third season due to his energy and his acting chops.

no effort on female characters

Prakash Jha has lost his sight for which he has been getting respect in cinema by the time of the third season of the web series ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’. Yeh Nazar is to present the female characters of the story with their own identity. Here every female character of the entire series goes through X-rays from the eyes of men. He even presented Esha Gupta with a perspective that erodes the dignity of his character. Aditi Pohankar’s acting story has become hollow now. They have fixed expressions for every scene. Tridha Choudhary’s work has become better than her and Anurita Jha has also left her mark in her brief role. If Anurita gets good roles, she can become the next ‘Radhika Apte’ of digital. The characters of Anupriya Goenka, Darshan Kumar and Adhyayan Suman are completely marginalized this time.


Both downloading and getting a Ashram 3 download webseries from an illegal website available on the Internet violate this act. Therefore, before downloading a movie from any website, you should know that you are violating a law.

The purpose of this post is to provide a Review of Ashram 3 download to people. Although movie or mp3 song download sites, both of them come under the copyright act, which comes in the wrong way of downloading free movies. Instead of downloading Ashram 3 download from all these websites, you should download movies from the legal websites or legal way only. and we are not supporting or promoting any illegal website. if you are using illegal website for downloading website not responsible for any mishappening

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