Action-Packed Kung Fu Horror Movies You Need to Watch

Marvelous Movies recommends a collection of kung fu horror motion pictures…


Kung fu is among the hottest martial arts to emerge from Asia – it’s reputation so massive, that a whole style of movies have been, and proceed to be, influenced by it. We have now all seen the various offshoots of the wuxia class, with American filmmakers like The Wachowskis and Tarantino adopting it into their very own works.

Now, what would occur should you had been to mix kung fu with horror? Having somebody with fight abilities taking over a malignant menace that may be a terrifying pressure of nature seems like the right recipe for B-movie enjoyable.

And whereas that has been the case, others have truly managed to make an ingenious polymorphization that’s simply as enjoyable because the over-the-top nature of B-movies. Listed here are eleven suggestions from Marvelous Movies price trying out…

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