Acclaimed mystery Inland gets a UK trailer and preview screenings ahead of June release

The mysterious folk-horror influenced Inland has special preview screenings at VUE cinemas across the UK on Wednesday 24 May. 

The feature debut from Fridtjof Ryder has garnered plenty of acclaim since featuring at last year’s London Film Festival. 

Inland is a modern folktale exploring the damaged identity of a young man attempting to make sense of his life after his mother disappears without a trace. The engrossing thriller draws together haunting images and dreamlike scenes as the protagonist (Rory Alexander) tries to track down what happened in his family’s past.

The film has received full support from one of its leads, Mark Rylance, who has said he would work with Ryder on his next project.  The film make a big impression on the British star, who is quoted as saying the film is ‘really scary and powerful’, drawing links to the work of David Lynch in Blue Velvet and Eraserhead

Inland also stars Kathryn Hunter, Shaun Dingwall, Eleanor Holliday, Alexander Lincoln, Nell Williams, and Sebastian Orozco. Check out the trailer here…

Screening as part of BFI Presents programme at VUE on 24th May, Inland’s general release for UK cinemas is set for 16th June. 


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