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Abhay Season 3 download: Abhay series revolves around Abhay Pratap Singh (Kunal Khemu) Each episode of this eight-episode crime thriller tells a new story of crime, the brave officer of UP Special Task Force, Police SP Abhay Pratap Singh (Kunal Khemu). , leads the Special Task Force and uncovers heinous and violent crimes. Abhay has to do all this while fighting his personal problem. On one hand, he is engaged in solving the mystery of crimes, while on the other hand he is entangled in the shackles of his past. After the death of news anchor Sonam Khanna (Asha Negi), the needles of suspicion start spinning on Abhay. Khushboo (Nidhi Singh) is seen interrogating Abhay, who is her junior, in connection with Sonam’s murder.

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Abhay Pratap’s troubles intensify when he learns that many lives are being sacrificed in the name of soul liberation in the city. All these murders taking place in the city are happening at the behest of Anant (Vijay Raj), who believes that those who do good deeds should be liberated. Anant who took the lives of innocent people is also known by the name of death. However, death alone cannot do this work. That’s why he takes the help of Avatar (Rahul Dev) and Nidhi (Vidya Malvade) for his sinful work.

Throughout the season he is both hunter and prey, as he is bent upon accusing a very powerful leader of mass murder. On the other hand, he himself is also involved in a crime. Abhay has put a stop to gangsters and violence in this season. Also, some things have been left to the imagination by the audience. However, the funniest thing in the series for the viewers will be whether Abhay is able to catch the killer or not?


Abhay Season 3 download Important Point

Abhay Season 3 Review: There have been very few series in the Indian OTT world, which have managed to attract the audience till its second-third season. But ZEE5’s crime thriller series ‘Abhay’ is an exception in this case, Kunal Khemu has been frozen in every season of Abhay. He has amazing acting in this season as well and he has gone deep into this character.

Genre Crime Thriller
Developed by B. P. Singh
Written by Alka Shukla
Vaspar Dandiwala
Pushaan Mukherjee
Ankana Joshi
Sushant Shukla
Srinivas Abrol
Sudhanshu Sharma
Priya Saggi
Smita P. Mukherjee
Aparna Nadig
Shubham Sharma
Deeptak Das
Directed by Ken Ghosh
Starring Kunal Khemu
Sandeepa Dhar
Elnaaz Norouzi
Asha Negi
Ram Kapoor
Nidhi Singh
Chunky Pandey
Raghav Juyal
Asheema Vadaan
Bidita Bag
Music by Ajay Singha
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 24 (list of episodes)
Producer B.P. Singh
Cinematography Hari K. Vedantam
Editor Mukesh Thakur
Running time Approx. 35 minutes
Production companies Fiction Factory ProductionsEssel Vision Productions Ltd.
Original network ZEE5
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release 7 February 2019 –
Abhay Season 3 download Important Point

In the last two seasons, it can be seen how Abhay faces criminals and their dark world. It’s the same this time too. But this time the challenge in front of Abhay is more dangerous than before. Murders are happening like every time, and everything is astonishing. Two stories have been threaded in the series. In one story where there are constant murders, in the center of the second story is Vijay Raj and Abhay has to collide with it. In this way, the director has presented an interesting and captivating scene of the dark world of crime.

Abhay Season 3 download Review

The new season of Abhay is full of crime and thrillers like the previous two seasons. Abhay Pratap Singh, a brave officer of the Shal Task Force, has returned. The troubles of his personal life have not reduced and the number of serial killers in society is also not decreasing. This series also shows these two aspects. This season is darker than the previous two seasons. Once again it makes its audience uncomfortable, but this time the thriller aspect is less in the story. All the plots seem half-finished, but Vijay Raj and Kunal Khemu made this series engaging with their effective performances. If you like action, then this series is a treat for you, but if you do not like violence, then maybe this series can disturb you a little. There are very violent scenes in many places in this series, which you might not like to see. After watching this series, you will get an idea of who the killer is, but with the way the twists have been brought into the story, after that you will also have a little doubt.


In every episode of this eight-episode crime thriller, a new crime story is told, but this time eight episodes have been woven into two stories. The first story is about the highway in two episodes and the second story is about the sacrifice being done in the city in the name of the salvation of the soul. This story has been woven into six episodes. In which the supernatural element has also been added. The story is told in six episodes. Sometimes the story seems to be stretching. The premise of the series was how a supercop tracked down a killer who seemed elusive to others. All these things make the series more fun. The story is also written by Sudhanshu Sharma, Deepak Das, Srinivas Abrol and Shubham Sharma. However, the story of the film is a bit dull, which also seems cumbersome to break due to the long stretch.

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Acting in Abhay Season 3 download

Vijay Raj has done a great job. On the other hand, Kunal Khemu has been seen mostly expressionless according to the demand of his character. Nidhi Singh’s work in the series has also been shown to be more emerging than before. At the same time, Asha Negi has also done a good job. Apart from this, the rest of the characters including Rahul Dev and Vidya have also been fine in their respective parts. This 8-episode series is directed by Ken Ghosh, which at times looks quite tied and at times quite loose. In the role of Abhay Pratap Singh, Kunal Khemu is seen as fully composed as ever. Vijay Raj has done a great job. Vijay Raj is the new face of this season and he leads the way. His look is also as effective as his acting. Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Tanuj Virwani, and Vidya Malvade have been average in the rest of the characters, so there was nothing special for Rahul Dev to do. The cinematography of the series is average, so the dialogues are in line with the story. The end of the series has been left open for the fourth season. Overall, if you are a fan of the Abhay franchise, then this series will also engage you.


Abhay Season 3 web series download Link

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