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Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol’s web series Ashram on MX Player 9 episodes of the web series Ashram are inspired by true events and will entertain you as well as introduce you to a world that you would not have guessed. How Baba Nirala, who played with the feelings and respect of the people in the name of faith, created a world of sin and made the politicians in and out of power along with the politics of a state dance at his fingertips. How once considered the most influential person of Haryana Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s pot of sin exploded and the truth came out, after which riots broke out in the administrative action and people lost their lives

आज के इस पोस्ट में बताने जा रहा हूँ की वेब सीरीज Aashram web series Season 1 कैसी है मतलब इस वेब सीरीज का रिव्यु नीचे पढ़ने को मिल जायेगा। जिससे आपको पता चल जायेगा की Aashram web series कैसी है और इसके अलावा काफी लोग गूगल पर इस web series को लेकर aashram download kaise karen, ashram download 123mkv, ashram web series season 1 download mp4moviez, ashram download kaise kare, ashram download telegram link,ashram web series 1 download mp4moviez, ashram web series download pagalmovies, ashram web series download mp4moviez, ashram web series download telegram link, ashram web series download tamilrockers, ashram web series download jalshamoviez, ashram web series download pagalmovies जैसे शब्द का इस्तेमाल कर सर्च करते है इन सभी सर्च का जबाब इस पोस्ट में मिल जायेगा तो ध्यान से इस पोस्ट को पढ़े सभी जानकारी मिल जायेगा।


The story of the ashram begins with the wrestling match of Pammi (Aditi Pohankar), a girl from a Dalit family, where she is discriminated against in the presence of the former chief minister of the state and an upper-caste girl is given a favored victory. A glimpse of the Dalit-upper caste divide in Haryana and other states is clearly visible in the ashram when a fierce clash erupts between Dalits and upper-caste people over horse-riding at the wedding of Pammi’s cousin. Pammi later, with the help of a local reporter, goes to the police station and files a case under the attempt to murder section against those who attacked her brother. After this, there is a ruckus like this. They take doctors hostage by attacking an upper-caste hospital and obstruct the treatment of Pammi’s brother Satti (Tushar Pandey). After this, Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) as the messiah of the Dalits reaches the hospital with his close friends Bhopa (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and security officer Michael (Jahangir Khan) and teaches the upper caste dignitaries a lesson and gets the treatment of Satti. Later, with the pomp of Pammi’s cousin, the procession is also taken out. Pammi is greatly affected by this incident and wants to spend Sadhvi’s life in Baba Nirala’s ashram despite the family’s refusal. After a lot of effort, she reaches Baba Nirala’s ashram and stays in the hostel, and does wrestling training.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Baba Nirala gets the attention of the CM and former CM of the state and both try to take advantage by increasing their relationship with Baba. But where Baba Nirala sees the benefit, his steps increase. Baba Nirala’s past and present is full of incidents like fraud, murder and rape, of which people are aware, but where do criticism and evil stand in the face of superstition. Taking advantage of this, Nirala Baba continues to increase his world of sin under the guise of religion, where there are incidents of sexual abuse with sadhvis in the ashram and the business of drugs also flourishes. But after finding a skeleton, ASI Ujagar Singh and doctor Natasha reach the ashram to solve the mystery with reporter Akki. However, from the police to the politicians, they act as Baba’s armor and protect him from all kinds of obstacles. The first season of the Ashram web series starts with Pran Pratishtha and then ends with episodes like Griha Pravesh, Nightmare, Sewadar, Amrit Sudha, Poison Haran, Gati Rodham, Shuddhikaran, and then Maha Prasad, where Pammi, Satti, Ujaar The characters, including Singh, Hukum Singh, Babita, Tinka Singh, Bhopa, Michael and Kavita, all seem to revolve around Baba Nirala’s world or events taking place in his world. Honeypreet has also reportedly entered the first season of Ashram as Babita. The story of the rest of the next season is going to be more interesting, where the story of the downfall of Baba Nirala will be seen.


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Aashram download a web series of important information

Genre Crime drama
Screenplay by Kuldeep Ruhil
Tejpal Singh Rawat
Avinash Kumar
Madhvi Bhatt
Story by Habib Faisal
Directed by Prakash Jha
Starring Bobby Deol
Voices of Sanjay Masoom
Composer Advait Nemlekar
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Producer Prakash Jha
Production location India
Cinematography Chandan Kowli
Editor Santosh Mandal
Camera setup Multi-camera
Production company Prakash Jha Productions
Distributor MX Player
Original network MX Player
Picture format HDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release 28 August 2020 –

Direction and acting in Aashram download

Producer-director Prakash Jha in his first web series Ashram has exposed the layers of many hoaxes running under the guise of religion. The story of the ashram tells the deeds of many impostors, hypocrites, robbers, rapists, and murderers who went to jail in the last few years. In a way, ‘real’ Prakash Jha has returned through the Ashram web series. Prakash Jha, whom the world knows for producing and directing many award-winning films including the death penalty, Gangajal, kidnapping, satyagraha, politics, reservation, and Chakravyuh, Prakash Jha had calmed down over the last few years. But what a wonderful comeback for Prakash Jha through the Ashram web series. Prakash Jha has given a very sensitive and true story influenced by a true incident in the form of a web series very closely, which the audience gets mesmerized after seeing. All the 9 episodes of the first season of Ashram have turned out to be so good that you don’t feel like doing anything else until you watch the entire series. Prakash Jha’s Ashram deserves a place in the top 5 web series made in India. I wish this web series was released on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, then the world would be exposed to the cinematic magic of Prakash Jha in the form of an ashram and people would realize what is the real meaning of the web series ashram which exposes religious hypocrisy and hypocritical babas. Huh.


The ashram is very special not only for Prakash Jha but also for Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol did not look special in the trailer of Ashram, but when he played the role of Baba Nirala in the first season of Ashram, he has given life. Bobby has played the character of Baba Nirala with such intoxication that you will feel for once that Baba Ram Rahim himself has come to act. However, Bobby’s look in the ashram has been kept very different from that of Baba Rahim. Aditi Pohankar in the character of Pammi is very strong. Earlier, Aditi appeared in Netflix’s web series ‘She’. Tushar Pandey’s work as Pammi’s brother is quite good. Darshan Kumar is making a mark as a big hero of the digital platform. As ASI Ujagar Singh, he has put his life in the ashram. After Baba Nirala in this web series, the one actor who gets the most attention is Chandan Roy Sanyal. In the role of Bhopa, the right hand of Baba Nirala, Chandan has looted the gathering. Tridha Choudhary as Babita is going to be the life of Ashram Season 2. At the same time, Anupriya Goenka as Doctor Natasha and Vikram Kochhar as Inspector Sadhu are very happy. The most important thing about the Ashram web series is that all its actors have been seen giving their best and all these masters Prakash Jha has got them done excellent work.

Aashram download Season 1 (2020)

No. Title watch online link
1 “Pran Pratishtha” watch online
2 “Grih Pravesh” watch online
3 “Duh Swapna” watch online
4 “Sewa Daar” watch online
5 “Amrit Sudha” watch online
6 “Vish Haran” watch online
7 “Gati Rodh” watch online
8 “Shuddhi Karan” watch online
9 “Maha Prasad” watch online

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