A robbery goes all to hell in trailer for The Devil’s Heist

A gang of criminals get more than they bargain for when they steal from Lucifer himself in the upcoming horror The Devil’s Heist, and you can check out the poster and trailer for the film here courtesy of Midnight Releasing…





After being released from prison, Ted (Bryan Sapphire) and his associates rob Coven National Bank. Only after robbing the bank, the thieves discover the bank is owned by Lucifer, and all the bank employees are witches. To add to the misery, the criminals find themselves in the Wasteland, a forbidden outpost on the road to hell, that is controlled by the stone cutters, and who are Lucifers children and have their daddy’s taste for painful retribution.

The Devil’s Heist is set for release on December 8th 2020.


Source via www.flickeringmyth.com